Stylish Safety

Stylish Safety®, a division of Everything Lidia, Inc., offers exceptional personal safety awareness and self- protection products and services for women which include “Stylish Safety Women’s Safety Awareness and Personal Protection Seminars™ and the Stylish Safety DIVAS Crystal Whistle™.”

The Stylish Safety DIVAS Crystal Whistle™ is a designer brass whistle beautifully bejeweled with genuine European rhinestone crystals attached to a black adjustable cord. Worn in a prominent and accessible place on your handbag, wrist, key chain or around your neck, the Stylish Safety DIVAS Crystal Whistle™ is both fashionable and functional and it is an audible and visual crime deterrent. The Stylish Safety DIVAS Crystal Whistle™ is also the symbol of the “Listen for the Whistle” women’s safety awareness campaign. Tweens, teens, and women of all ages from all walks of life are urged to “CARRY” the whistle, “USE” the whistle when necessary, and “LISTEN FOR THE WHISTLE,” as the sound of a whistle means that help may be needed!

A “must have, cutting edge and ultra-chic” accessory for women and teens, display it proudly and let the world know that you are aware of your personal safety and you support the “Listen for the Whistle” Campaign. A portion of the proceeds from the sale of every Stylish Safety DIVAS Crystal Whistle™ is donated to The National Organization for Women’s Safety Awareness, Inc. (

The Stylish Safety DIVAS Crystal Whistle is endorsed by the New York Veteran Police Association and the “Listen for the Whistle Campaign was supported by Former US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, Former California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger, and numerous NYS and local elected officials.

“Stylish Safety” is a registered trademark of Everything Lidia, Inc.

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