Timeless Beauty…

Since the beginning of time, philosophers have struggled to find the true meaning of beauty. They all had their own distinct ideas, but in the end their only common thought was that beauty was indeed impossible to define.

So what makes a woman beautiful?  Hint: You can’t buy it, you can’t get it from someone else, and it’s not injectable.

1.) A RADIANT SMILE – a genuine smile is uplifting, contagious, and it can penetrate the mind and reach the heart.

2.) A SPARKLE IN HER EYES – when a woman has the metaphorical “sparkle in her eyes”, she has the power to light up a room. It is a reflection of her inner beauty, charisma and zest for life.

3.) A GOOD SENSE OF HUMOR– it invokes smiles and laughter from others, spreads pleasure, can keep things from appearing too overwhelming and it certainly brightens up the atmosphere.

4.) APPRECIATION – the ability to find beauty in everything surrounding her and feeling gratitude for all the remarkable things she has been blessed with.

5.) PASSION – having boundless enthusiasm and using it to making a positive difference in the world.

6.) CONFIDENCE – trusting oneself and having faith in one’s own abilities, talents and skills.

7.) INTELLIGENCE – reveals itself in a woman’s eyes and in how she walks and talks and carries herself.  It is a vital element of a woman’s essence.

8.) EMPATHY – sharing the feelings of others and identifying with what another person is going through can elevate beauty to an even higher level.

9.) INTEGRITY –having  a sound and moral character and ethical principles and doing the right thing for the right reason even when no one is watching.

10.) A great pair of STILETTOS can’t hurt either.

Enhancing and developing these qualities and characteristics will make any woman feel beautiful… physically, emotionally and spiritually.

The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen, nor touched…but are felt in the heart.”-Helen Keller

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  1. Love this! and the people who know you know that you are living proof of these words.. I love inspiring words that spark woman to look closer at the interior of themselves and others so that they feel worthy and beautiful … True beauty is skin deep and everyone of us can obtain this…I like your philosophy.

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