The Everything Lidia Show

THE EVERYTHING LIDIA SHOW” is a unique, thought provoking and reflective lifestyle and talk show that embodies every woman. The show is delivered with passion, humor and intelligence and it fuses open discussion, legal issues, lifestyle and learning, and offers viewers practical information, ideas and insights on how they can live even more successful, fulfilling, confident, safe and glamorous lives.Lidia at Body English

It’s a place where women can continue their coffee house conversation with their girlfriends and come visit to laugh, learn, and feel at home hearing about topics that women think about, but are sometimes “afraid to ask” about. The show will also include a legal/court segment features Lidia refereeing real-life small claims and other disputes or addressing legal issues and controversies.

Your host, Lidia Szczepanowski, Esq., attorney, entrepreneur, advocate, black belt/personal safety expert, consultant, media personality and beauty queen, exemplifies the real-life embodiment of the words “success, independence, and glamor”. Smart, savvy and out spoken, she is a dynamic woman with a distinctive point of view who “tells it like it is”. Lidia identifies trends (and starts some of her own), highlights the successes of people and businesses, helps raise money for charities, and showcases all the topics from her renown “Everything Lidia Radio Show” and “Everything Lidia Blog” that women care about including Career, Legal, Health, Beauty, Safety, Relationships and MORE! It’s about “Getting, Having & Enjoying It All!”

She is honest about her own trials and tribulations and gives women permission to be imperfect while motivating them to always be their personal best. Lidia whose wit, wisdom and humor have received local and national attention as a result of her never ending energy, creativity, motivation, inspiration and altruistic way. As the go-to girl for all things lifestyle, Lidia is on a mission to make unembellished real life information and viable solutions to everyday obstacles available to everyone she can reach out to through her appearances, media outlets and now her internet show. With its international fan base, people everywhere will be watching, talking about, and loving “THE EVERYTHING LIDIA SHOW”!

If you have a human interest story, case, problem, complaint, or question (legal or otherwise) or if you would like to be featured on “THE EVERYTHING LIDIA SHOW“, please send any information to


Replays of THE EVERYTHING LIDIA SHOW can also be viewed on the “Everything Lidia and “The Daily Blu You Tube Channels and on The Daily Blu, Blu Chip Marketing, LLC’s Social Networking and Web TV site.

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