Safety Initiatives


How The NOWSA Educates & Raises Awareness

‘Voices For A Cause – The Book’: Stories, chronicles and personal accounts from victims of sexual assault and other acts of violence.

‘Virtual Voices For A Cause’: The online version of “Voices For A Cause – The Book

‘I B SAFE’ Silicone Slap Bracelet Personal Safety Awareness Campaign:
This campaign is being implemented throughout middle and high schools everywhere. The trendy and stylish black or white silicone slap bracelet has the safety acronym “I B SAFE” imprinted directly on top of the bracelet which, among other things, stimulates discussions about personal safety. Each bracelet comes with an educational I B SAFE card which identifies and explains the acronym, “SAFE” (i.e. S: STAY AWAY from Strangers; A: Be AWARE of your surroundings; F: FOLLOW your gut; E: EVALUATE your options.)

‘Teen Personal Safety Awareness Week’ November 1-7:
The campaign 1.) raises awareness about violence and crimes committed against our teens which tragically can lead to injury or even death and 2.) educates teens on how to prevent them. A “TEEN PERSONAL SAFETY AWARENESS WEEK” informational booklet is being created and will be available online through To download the booklet, individuals will be asked to join the NOWSA’s mailing list and complete the online form.

‘Covers For A Cause’ Book Cover Campaign:
This campaign combines youthful contemporary art with relevant safety tips, reminders, information and messages on visually appealing book covers. Its goal is fundamental: to promote Teen Personal Safety Awareness through the distribution of visually appealing book covers. Book covers are distributed to school districts via PTAs, PTSAs, etc. and other partners such as children’s book companies i.e. Scholastic Books.

Teen & College Voices:
Written By NOWSA’s Teen Ambassador about Teens and For Teens and by the NOWSA’s College Ambassador about personal safety issues affecting college students.

NOWSA’s Informational Website:
Statistics, resources, “Voices” stories, and other important information about the NOWSA’s
personal safety education and violence prevention initiatives and other activities.

How We Raise Money for Our Personal Safety and Violence Prevention InitiativesInvite_BlackWhite_web

All ‘Voices For A Cause®’ Events including:

‘Voices For A Cause®’
‘Designer Voices For A Cause Fashion Shows’
‘Golfer’s Voices For A Cause’
‘Comedy Voices For A Cause’

NOWSA’s Resource Guide:

‘I B SAFE’ Silicone Slap Bracelet Personal Safety Awareness Campaign

The NOWSA Has Formed an Alliance With and Supports the Following:

‘Listen For The Whistle™’ Campaign by Everything Lidia, Inc.
The New York Veteran Police Association
‘Stylish Safety’® Women’s Self Protection and Safety Awareness Seminars Offered By Everything Lidia, Inc.