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Did you know that in a recent poll taken of 1,000 women, about 51% of them said that they would rather buy clothes than share intimate time with their lover?

Here’s another statistic. The average woman will spend more than EIGHT YEARS of her life shopping which equals about 300 individual shopping trips lasting almost 400 hours!

But 51% of women surveyed also said that they were “somewhat worried or very worried” about becoming a crime victim. So obviously most women want to be safe and look and feel fabulous doing it!

The unfortunate thing is that most Luxe Lifestyle Lovers have never had any personal safety training whatsoever and in all likelihood, they have absolutely no idea what steps they can take to make their lives safer or how to defend themselves against an attacker, if they ever needed to.

No worries Ladies! Everything Lidia Inc.’sStylish Safety” to the rescue!

Stylish Safety is about looking at the world from a whole different perspective. Stylish Safety IS part of your lifestyle!

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