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“Home is where the heart is…which typically means that your true home is with the person or in the place that you love most”.

But what does being home really mean to most people. Is it the relaxing time of their lives, when they can kick off their stilettoes, let their hair down and simply be themselves for a few precious moments. Or is it a second job…the time to take care of the kids, help with homework, cook, clean, garden, and do all those other “domestic” things. Or perhaps it’s both.Woman Enjoying Mixed Drink on Plush Spotted Sofa

Either way, time spent in our personal environments is a precious commodity and should not be taken for granted.

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So carry on ladies, revel in your fabulousness even when you’re home and cherish those special moments when you can just relax…and sipping a vodka gimlet from a stem glass or snuggling with a book and loved one probably won’t hurt either!


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