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“HAVING IT “ALL”…What Does It Really Mean?

We can all probably agree that…

  • it means something different to everyone
  • the definition changes from phase to phase of our lives
  • it means finding that unique blend of choices, adjustments and continuous re-evaluations that bring you happiness and fulfillment in your personal and professional life

But before you “Have It All” you first have to “Get It All”…and once you “Get It”, fulfillment, independence, satisfaction and true happiness can only manifest itself if you “Enjoy It All!”

50 years ago versus Today…

I’m Not Living My Mama’s Life!

Defining Your “All” With Your “Time of My Life Pie

Common Components include:

Career’, ‘Health & Beauty’, ‘Safety’, ‘Home’ and ‘Everything Else including Recreation, Travel, Friendships & Relationships, Community, Spirituality & Finance.

Determine what you want on your “Time of My Life Pie” wedges by doing a little soul searching and consider which components are most important to you at that moment in time. What do you want to achieve in each of them?

    • Be realistic…There are only 24 hours in a day a 7 days in a week!
    • What are your “Time of My Life Pie” slices made of and how big is each one?
    • Choose what feels right and what makes you feel happy, healthy and prosperous

I’ve defined my “ALL” and determined what my “Time of My Life Pie” is comprised of…
But how do I juggle all those aspects of my personal and professional life and still enjoy myself?

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