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Everything Lidia, Inc. with its Luxe Lifestyle Lovers division, is a unique, thought provoking and reflective platform where the discerning cosmopolitan woman…who wants to live with great style and personality, confidence, elegance and panache…can come visit to laugh, learn, and feel at home while receiving diverse must-have lifestyle information in one centralized place.

The Luxe Lifestyle Lovers enterprise recommends an assortment of merchandise and services, publicizes upscale and charitable events, and is the trusted source for “Everything Lifestyle”. It has proven to be an invaluable resource, influencer and game changer for the businesses with which it has formed an alliance.

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Everything Lidia, Inc. founder, Lidia Szczepanowski, Esq., an attorney, entrepreneur, keynoter, black belt, personal safety expert, media personality, beauty queen, wife and mom, exemplifies the real-life embodiment of the words “success, independence, and glamour”. Smart, savvy and out spoken, Lidia is a dynamic woman with a distinctive point of view who “tells it like it is” always with passion, humor and intelligence. She is honest about her own trials and tribulations and gives women permission to be imperfect while motivating them to always be their personal best. As the go-to girl for all things lifestyle, Lidia is on a mission to make unembellished real life information and viable solutions to everyday obstacles available to everyone. It is out of this vision that Luxe Lifestyle Lovers was born.

With its international fan base, people everywhere are talking about, following and loving Luxe Lifestyle Lovers and the Everything Lidia brand.

Ladies, check your ordinary at the door, revel in your fabulousness and live the most remarkable life you can!