Become an Intern for Everything Lidia, Inc., the multi-platform luxe lifestyle enterprise that celebrates SMART, STYLISH, VIBRANT WOMEN & all their FABULOUSNESS!

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It is our belief that the entrepreneurial sector is the ultimate engine of all real permanent jobs creation, and of any productive economy. Selected Interns will have real-time, up-close exposure to every facet of business and business building across a variety of industries.

Although the positions are unpaid educational work experiences, the opportunity, the contacts to be made, and the acquisition of sharpened skill sets (and true on-the-job training) in the various sub-specialties within small businesses will be unparalleled. Interns will not only be involved in building Everything Lidia, Inc. and its divisions, as a business of itself — they will constantly be interfacing with other client business across the business and causal spectra.

All internship positions will be undertaken, managed and accommodated by telecommuting, i.e., telephone and web conferences. All actual functions subsumed under each position can be accomplished by computer or via telephone. Interns will be managed and monitored by company staff, who will evaluate each intern across a number of different parameters periodically. Selected interns will not, however, displace regular employees and Everything Lidia, Inc. will not derive any immediate advantage from the activities of the interns in accordance with applicable law.

It is Everything Lidia, Inc.’s intention that the most exceptionally good interns either find employment within the company or at other companies with management training programs known to Everything Lidia, Inc. Interns will also interact with each other frequently to compare and contrast experiences, and also to foster a spirit of academic and real-world camaraderie. Everything Lidia, Inc.‘s key personnel under the guidance of Lidia Szczepanowski, Esq., will evaluate the performance of each intern and share their findings with the sponsoring academic institution, if applicable, and interns themselves. If you are interested in this extraordinary opportunity, please send an email with your resume to