I’m Going To Have FUN Even If It Kills Me!

We’re all guilty…and some of us more than others.  We focus our lives on all the things we’re supposed to be doing, like taking care of everyone and everything around us, i.e. kids, spouse, animals, job, etc., and we forget about the things we want to do.  
When did we stop going to our playground? At what age did our “fun” die?

FUN…According to Susan Biali, MD it means “anything that connects us with our childlike energy and joy”.  Dictionary.com defines “fun” as “something that provides mirth (gaiety or jollity, especially when accompanied by laughter) or amusement”.    

Picture of fun.

We’ve all heard that all work and no play made Jack a dull boy but did you know that life without fun and games isn’t just dull, it’s down right unhealthy. Research shows that “playing” has incredible health benefits.  Playing and having fun helps us blow off steam, deal with stress, learn, experiment, and be a more social person, among many other benefits.  Recent Japanese research found that spending as little as 2 hours a month laughing or listening to your favorite music has as big an impact on your blood pressure as eliminating salty foods or even losing 10 pounds!  

If you can’t remember the last time you had some real honest to goodness FUN, tap into your Fun Zone by trying some of these.
  • Put on some loud music that makes you feel like you’re back in high school and “Just Dance!” (if you’re in high school…well you’re probably still having fun and good for you!)  
  •  Do something spontaneous and out of your ordinary (keeping it legal and moral, of course) 
  •  Go out and play with your friends (if it’s a nice day, go outside a throw a Frisbee, have a catch, go bike riding, go to the toy store and pick up some classic toys like a jump roll, hula hoop, “Skip It”, Chinese jump rope, kick ball, water balloons, and the like) 
  • Paint, write, draw or do anything creative 
  •  Learn some jokes and share them with your friends (they will probably be even funnier and perhaps more memorable if you botch the punch lines)
  • Get dirty (this one is subject to your own personal interpretation; the original thought was dirt…)  

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